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Kim has spent years communicating with domestic and wild animals ( horses, dogs, cats, fish, lizards, birds, lions, elephants, and monkeys), to name a few. She has volunteered with multiple canine rescue groups ,assisting with understanding the individual dogs personalities, and emotional and medical needs.  She has helped find lost dogs.  She has  assisted owners with understanding their pets needs and personalities and how to create stronger bonds with their furry friend.  She can help multiple pet households with their unique concerns.  She can assist with end of life decisions and the grieving process, communicating with animals who are alive or deceased. She can help you find peace after the loss of a beloved pet or family member.  

 She is a practicing Reiki Master and  Intuitive Spiritual Healer. She communicates with the Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides to bring forth information for your souls evolution and wellbeing.

She can assist with clarifying your life questions an purpose.


Call or email today to find out how Kim can help you!


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