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Individual Consultations/Animals


Communicate with your dog, cat , bird, reptile or any other creature alive or deceased. Communicate with a deceased loved one.  Please contact me directly regarding Lost Pets.  

Can animals really communicate with us?   YES!! Communication is possible with all sentinent beings.

How can communicating with your pet help you?

Bring deeper understanding between you and your pet.

Create a greater bond through knowledge of how your pet experiences things.

Aid in resolving problem behaviors and training issues.

Help make end of life decisions , to bring closure and to assist with working  through the grieving process.

Assist in finding lost pets 


When you contact me we will talk briefly and if I determine I can help you we will set up an appointment.

Communication works through telepathy, so:

I can work from any distance or in person.  The animal(s) does not have to be with you at the time of the reading.  For me, your animal(s) communicates with me  through pictures , words, and sometimes emotions, smells, and sounds.

The consult can be done in the moment by phone or by zoom, or i can talk to the animal ahead of time and give you a report.  You may ask additional questions when we discuss your report.

if you live nearby I can come to you as well.

I will need the name, age ,sex, and a head shot photo or description of your animal(s) as well as whether they are deceased or alive before the appointment time.  If this session will include Reiki for your pet a full side view picture  is helpful This can be sent by email.

Usually, we can schedule your consultation fairly quickly. If you have an emergency please tell me and I will try to fit you in right away. I do not answer my phone when I am with a client ,so please leave a message with your name and phone number (day and evening) and tell me where you are calling from. I need to know the time zone so I will not call you back at an inappropriate time.

All sessions will include Reiki energy for the animal if the animal wants it.

30 minute session $50.00

60 min Session $100.00

Sessions must be paid for in advance.  

Unsure what questions to ask you pet?

1. Is there anything you need from me that you currently are not getting?

2. What or who are your favorite thigs/people.

3. Do you have any aches or pains?

4. What are your Soul lessons for me?

5. What do you not like or are afraid of.

6. Do you like competing?

For animals who have transitioned:

1. How are you doing/feeling.

2. Are you with me or do you visit me

3. Do you have any Soul messages for me?

Individual Consultations/People

45 min to 1 hour Reiki Session Remote or in Person $90.00

30 min Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance or Communication with a deceased loved one $50

60 min Intuitive and Spiritaul Guidance  or Communication with a deceased loved one $100

In these sessions I will call the Angels and Archangels and Spirit Guides to assist in answering all of you questions.  When speaking to them or deceased love one it is always done in the light and only information for Your highest and Best good and Healing will come through. I then channel messages directly from your them to you, answering any questions you may have. I do not predict the future. These sessions can help you gain clarity on whatever you may have uncertainty about.   The possibilities are endless, as your Guides want to assist you in whatever you may need help with.

Group Readings/People

These are In Person, small groups for no more than 10 people.   In these sessions I will call the Angels and Archangels and Spirit Guides in, and will ask the loved ones of the people present who have crossed over ( who are in Spirit)to come in as well so we might communicate with them.  When speaking to them  it is always done in the light and only information for Your highest and Best good and Healing will come through. I then relay messages directly from your them to you

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