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    Kim is wonderful at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to gain
clarity or just simply gain a better understanding of how their dog is feeling. We were at a point
with our senior dog, who has a multitude of major medical problems, where we were trying so
hard to do the right things, make all the right decisions all the time, and it began to personally
cause a lot of anxiety and stress and have an effect of my relationship with Brutus.

    I was so worried about him all the time and I never felt like I was doing enough even though many things were out of my hands. Having a session with Kim and Brutus was the life-changing thing I
needed to hear from Brutus through a very compassionate and caring person like Kim. It was
nothing but inspiring the way that she truly caught Brutus’s spirit in even how she delivered his
messages to us. They were from him and there is no doubt in my mind that she delivered the
messages exactly as he wanted her to, which is just as important.

    Since our session, we have been able to continue on with life without stressing or worrying so much about his issues or about what issue we may face tomorrow. We are better able to handle his issues because we now know what mindset Brutus wants us to have. Thanks to Kim, I felt back to my old self with Brutus as soon as the session was over, which was something I hadn’t felt like in a long time.

Devon S.

Kim has turned me into a believer!!!  She didn’t know any of my dogs, other than to see them run around a couple of times.   I have to say that she was “spot on” with all three , relating to me things that she could not possibly know without having “spoken” with them.  Kim’s fantastic!

Jeanne  and her Golden Gang!

"Recently I had the amazing experience of having Kim do a reading for two of my beloved dogs that passed. Pyro my Golden Retriever passed several years ago and it was wonderful to be able to connect with him after so much time. Canon my Cavalier, passed just recently after an unexpected illness so to hear that he was happy and thriving was such a comfort. Kim was able to tell me specifics about both of the dogs so I knew she was accurately reading them. The readings gave me such comfort and even some joy. What  a gift to be able to connect with my beloved guys who are so greatly missed!  Kim is a positive, knowledgeable, compassionate  person and I would highly recommend that you have a reading with her!"

Marianne D.

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