Kim is a kind thoughtful person who goes the extra mile to help many people and causes.  Kim has an uncanny ability to communicate with dogs.  She communicated with my dog Ruby and gave me new insights into her behaviors. 

Judy C and Ruby

Kim has turned me into a believer!!!  She didn’t know any of my dogs, other than to see them run around a couple of times.   I have to say that she was “spot on” with all three , relating to me things that she could not possibly know without having “spoken” with them.  Amazing stuff!  It was quite an experience and I am envious of her capability to do this. Some of her revelations will also help me in future training with my dogs.  Kim’s fantastic!

Jeanne  and her Golden Gang!

I have known Kim for more than 10 years, and she knows a lot about my dogs, but some of the things she was able to see/feel during our communication were quite amazing.  I had never talked with an animal communicator prior to sitting down with Kim and did not know what to expect.  I was surprised that the dog did not need to be present for the communication - which made some of her comments even more amazing.  I look forward to having Kim communicate with more of my dogs in the future. 

Mark S. and The Four Furkids!

"Recently I had the amazing experience of having Kim do a reading for two of my beloved dogs that passed. Pyro my Golden Retriever passed several years ago and it was wonderful to be able to connect with him after so much time. Canon my Cavalier,passed just recently after an unexpected illness so to hear that he was happy and thriving was such a comfort. Kim was able to tell me specifics about both of the dogs so I knew she was accurately reading them. The readings gave me such comfort and even some joy. What  a gift to be able to connect with my beloved guys who are so greatly missed!  Kim is a positive, knowledgeable, compassionate  person and I would highly recommend that you have a reading with her!"

Marianne D.

I am a skeptic at heart and had the opportunity  to use the talents of an animal communicator as I have German Shepherds and they are constantly trying to verbally communicate with me perhaps Kim could give me some insight as what they are trying to tell me. d  Some of the communication made a lot of sense and help explain some of the issues, likes and dislikes. I am pleasantly surprised how this session built a better bond with my fur babies and guidance for the future. 

Barbara B. ,Katie and Max

I asked Kim to ‘talk’ to Ace, mostly out of curiosity.  Was animal communication real?  Kim bred Ace, so there was a little bit of a relationship there, though he is now 6 yrs old, and I’ve had him since he was only 11 weeks.  I live half way across the country from Kim, and she met him one other time very briefly at the Cavalier Nationals in Asheville.   When Kim called me to tell me she had spoken with Ace, I was VERY amazed at the things she was able to tell me - The information was stuff she could never know - Such as we had a walk out basement in the back surrounded by woods.  That Ace wore an orange snood for eating.correct, she ‘saw’ the orange, but thought it was  it was uncanny the things she told me - That Ace used to get to “chew” but no longer does - and that he liked his chews.  I have a hard time understanding this, but my view is that just because  ‘western’ science can’t explain phenomena, doesn’t mean it’s not true.  I have chosen to believe animal communication is possible.

I wanted to say thank you again for “talking” to our Australian Shepherd, Sage, prior to the AKC National

Agility competition in Tulsa, OK this past March, 2016. As my husband, Ralph, was injured with a torn

ACL, he had asked a friend to run Sage during that particular event, as well as several other agility

competitions during the spring. My fear was that Sage would leave the ring in search of Ralph as she

had done that at an agility trial before we spoke. It never dawned on us that Sage wouldn’t run for

Rachel as she has a true love for the sport and has never indicated she didn’t want to run.

During the “talk” with Sage, in which you explained to her that Ralph was injured and why he had asked

Rachel to run her, Sage was very funny in her response back to you, in true “Sage” fashion. Sage

apparently didn’t want to look foolish and was worried that girl wouldn’t know where she was supposed

to go. Sage didn’t want Rachel to get too far in front of her. You told me to explain to Rachel that she

needed to let Sage know she knew the course and would give her appropriate cues in advance so Sage

didn’t need to worry. I spoke to Rachel and explained Sage’s concern about knowing where to go.

They ended up coming together fairly well as a team; however, I could see in Sage’s reaction when it

was not clear to her where she was meant to go next.

One thing that stuck me odd during your talk was that Sage said she liked “ice cream” as I could only

remember her having a doggie ice cream cone once. Later when telling my husband, a skeptic, about

your conversation and I mentioned the strange ice cream comment, my husband immediately said

“that’s her morning yogurt, I let her lick my yogurt container”. My husband’s knee is now healed and

he is back to running Sage, much to Sage’s delight. When you told me that Sage wanted to tell me

thank you for taking care of her, it really spoke to my heart. Thank you for relaying that to me.

You mentioned things to me that you had no way of knowing prior and it was apparent that you have a

gift for speaking/hearing the animals speak. Even the ones like my Annie, who just butted in, and

wanted some of the attention away from Sage. I hope you have many memorable moments in this line

of communication and I thank you for opening up your mind and heart for this opportunity.

Very sincerely,

Beth J and Sage